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11 Steps to Planning a Birthday in a Tent

Festa de aniversário em tenda

11 Steps to Planning a Birthday in a Tent

Are you going to celebrate your birthday? If you are planning your birthday party, consider to rent a tent.

Planning a tent birthday party can be a fun and unique way to celebrate, so we decided to list 11 steps to help you plan a successful party.

1. Set a budget

Determine the total budget for your party and allocate funds for each aspect of the party, such as the tent rental, food, decorations, and entertainment.


2. Choose a location and date

Select a location for the party that has enough flat and level space to accommodate the tent, as well as room for parking and other party-related activities. Pick a date that works for you and your guests.


3. Choose a tent size

Based on your guest count, choose a tent size that can comfortably accommodate everyone, with enough space for seating, dancing, and other activities. Download our Guide to Private Events e-book and find out how to calculate the size of the tent for your party.


4. Rent the tent and equipment

Rent the tent and other necessary equipment, such as tables, chairs, and lighting.

At this stage, you will have to choose a tent model, according to the party theme and location. By opting for a Multistandard tent, Polygonal Igloo or Orbital Igloo model, you will always have access to the advice of professionals who will carry out a technical visit to the venue. In addition, you have at your disposal a set of furniture and rental equipment for this type of event. See our catalogue.


5. Plan the party’s theme

Choose a theme for the party, such as a specific colour scheme or decorations that fit the birthday person’s interests.


6. Plan the food and drinks

Plan the menu and drinks for the party, including options for different dietary restrictions.

Multistandard Tent for Private Event - birthday party

7. Entertainment

Plan the entertainment for the party, such as music, games, or activities that fit the theme of the party.

This part of the planning is important so you don’t miss out on having fun. Don’t forget that memories are created in these moments!

8. Wedding invitations

Create and send out invitations for the party, including details about the location, date, and time. Be creative! Your birthday party invitations don’t have to be boring. Choose a personalization that matches the theme of the party. If you don’t have ideas, seek for professional help.


9. Decorations

Decorate the tent and the surrounding area to fit the theme of the party.

Decoration with fabrics, furniture, plants and objects related to the theme of the party transform the tent environment and make the first impression powerful.


10. On-site logistics

Plan for on-site logistics such as parking, signage, and lighting. Doing this planning means that you don’t have to worry about anything in the day of the party.


11. Have a contingency plan

Have a plan in place for inclement weather or other unforeseen issues that may arise during the party. The tent is a safe and resistant structure to bad weather, however and in case of bad weather, consider putting protections at the entrance, namely an access tunnel or pagoda tents that shelter your guests at the entrance, for example.


Planning a birthday party in a tent doesn’t have to be complicated. With these 11 steps, your party will be a success.

Choosing to rent a tent for a birthday party is the most original way to celebrate life. Talk to us and we will give you the help and expertise you need, so that nothing goes wrong.