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Orbital Igloo Tents for Individuals

Orbital igloo tents for individuals: a unique choice for standout events.

Orbital igloo tents are remarkable and innovative structures, characterized by their round portals and distinctive design. These tents are specially designed to create an impressive and memorable atmosphere for large-scale private events. Whether it’s elegant weddings, gala parties, or any other special occasion, orbital igloo tents are the perfect choice to create an impactful and sophisticated space.


Advantages of Orbital Igloo Tents for Private Events


One of the main advantages of orbital igloo tents is their ability to provide a spacious and versatile area, suitable for accommodating a large number of guests. With their round gantries and sturdy structure, these tents can be sized according to the specific needs of your event. Regardless of the size of your guest list or the desired layout, orbital igloo tents offer the necessary flexibility to create a comfortable and personalized environment.

In addition to their remarkable accommodation capacity, orbital igloo tents also stand out for their visually appealing aesthetics. With a modern and elegant design, these structures can be customized with decorations, lighting, and visual elements to match the theme and style of your event. If you aim to create an immersive and sophisticated atmosphere, orbital igloo tents are the perfect choice to transform your event into a truly unforgettable experience.

Foto de capa de Tenda para evento de Carnaval
Foto de capa de Tenda para evento de Carnaval
Tenda Igloo Orbital
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Available Sizes and Specifications



  • Anodized Aluminum Profile


  • Soil drilling with spikes for support
  • Floor drilling with chemical anchors
  • Weights
  • Sapatas de engate da tenda ao estrado técnico

Electrical Installation

  • Differential Frame
  • Lighting


  • Width – 10m | 15m | 20m | 25m | 30m | 40m
  • Length – 5m in 5m (unlimited).

Igloo Sizes

  • 10m x 10m | 15m x 15m | 20m x 20m | 25m x 25m | 30m x 30m


  • Top covers and sidewalls in white (opaque or translucent) and/or transparent PVC canvas;
    M2-rated screens, fire, and wind resistance according to CE standard.

In summary, by choosing GlobalTendas’ orbital igloo tents, you will ensure a unique and exclusive structure for your standout event. Take advantage of the versatility and customization capabilities of these tents, providing your guests with a memorable experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our orbital igloo tents and discover how we can help you create a truly remarkable event.