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Private Events

Are you looking for solutions for private events?

Fairy tales start here.

You don’t need to limit your ideas to your imagination. Are you looking for the ideal structure for a dream wedding or the perfect ceremony? Do you want to have the best party ever?

Materialize your ideas with GlobalTendas.

Download our e-book and discover our solutions:

Guide for Private Events

Whatever your event is, a wedding, a baptism, or a dinner celebration, this tent model adapts easily!

Saiba Mais

The Igloo Orbital Tent model totally transforms your event environment.

Saiba Mais

If your event will have a lot of guests, choose the Polygonal Igloo Tent!

Saiba Mais

The conical tent is ideal as a complement to your event.

Saiba Mais

Access our catalogue of furniture, equipment, and accessories for events.

Saiba Mais