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Corporate Anniversary

Corporate Anniversary

L’kodak, Leça da Palmeira, 2017


The company’s anniversary was the reason for this celebration in Leça da Palmeira. The solution consisted in dividing the catering spacefrom the entertainment space, but at the same time interconnecting the two areas through a self-levelling platform.

Technical specifications:

  • Multistandard Tent 20m x 70m
    • Transparent top covers and sidewalls;
    • 5m x 20m area with white opaque top covers and sidewalls for kitchen, with stairs and access ramp.
  • Polygonal Igloo Tent 15m x 30m
    • Transparent top covers and sidewalls;
    • Electrical installation.
  • Stage 7,5m x 2,5m;
  • Platform with carpet and access stairs;
  • Industrial Air Conditioner.
Corporate Event tents in Leça da Palmeira Beach.

Multistandard Tents, Polygonal Igloo Tent