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Stages for Events

Stages for events: the centrepiece for unforgettable performances.

Stages are essential structures to create a captivating and professional atmosphere in large-scale events. Whether it’s concerts, festivals, conferences, or theatrical presentations, stages are the central element that provides a platform for performances to come to life. With careful design and construction, we offer versatile and high-quality stages to ensure a unique experience for artists and audiences.


Advantages of Stages for Events


One of the main advantages of stages is their ability to provide a suitable and safe space for performances. With a solid structure and adjustable configurations, stages can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each event. Regardless of the production size, the stage offers ample space for artists to express themselves and interact with the audience.

Furthermore, stages are designed to create visually impactful platforms. With lighting systems, backdrops, and LED panels, it is possible to create an immersive atmosphere and highlight key elements of the performance. Stages can also be customized with corporate or thematic branding to reinforce the event’s identity and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Palco alugado para evento Mandela Music Tribute Festival
Palco alugado para evento Mandela Music Tribute Festival
Palco alugado para evento Mandela Music Tribute Festival
Mandela Music Tribute Festival
Tenda Palco para Concerto
Tenda Palco Casa da Música Lisboa
Mandela Music Tribute Festival
Mandela Music Tribute Festival
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Available Sizes and Specifications



  • Anodized Aluminum Profile


  • Tent coupling foundations to the technical platform

Electrical Installation

  • Differential Frame
  • Lighting

Available Sizes

  • 10m x 8m;
  • 10m x 10m;
  • 15m x 10m;
  • 20m x 10m;
  • 20m x 12,5m;
  • 20m x 15m;
  • 25m x 15m;
  • 30m x 15m;
  • 40m x 15m.

Add-on Complements:

  • Regie – 5m x 5m
  • PA Towers – 4m; 6m; 8m; 10m; 12m
  • Pre Rig (Suspension + Truss)
  • Exterior or Interior Service Areas


  • PVC top covers and sidewalls
  • M2-rated screens, fire, and wind resistance according to CE standard.

By choosing GlobalTendas stages, you are selecting a reliable and professional structure for your event. Take advantage of the versatility and customization options of our stages, ensuring that the event is memorable and impactful. Contact us today for more information about our stages and discover how we can help you create an unforgettable spectacle.