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Sports and Multipurpose Tents for Businesses

Sports and Multipurpose Tents for Businesses: Versatile Spaces for Sports Practice and Various Events.

Sports and multipurpose tents are versatile and functional structures designed to meet the needs of various sports activities and events. Whether for sports practices such as paddle or futsal, for tournaments, or exhibitions, these tents offer a spacious and adaptable space that can accommodate different sports and purposes.


Advantages of Sports and Multipurpose Tents for Businesses


One of the main advantages of sports and multipurpose tents is their ability to provide a protected and flexible environment for sports practice and event hosting. With sturdy and durable structures, these tents offer adequate coverage against adverse weather conditions, allowing for sports practice throughout the year.

The versatility of sports and multipurpose tents allows them to be tailored to the specific needs of each sport, offering flexibility in terms of size and layout, which can be adjusted according to the number of participants and planned activities. Additionally, they can be customized with visual elements such as logos and colours to reflect the team or event’s identity.

Tenda Desportiva Multiusos

Available Sizes and Specifications



  • Anodized Aluminum Profile


  • Soil drilling with spikes for support
    Floor drilling with chemical anchors
    Sapatas de engate da tenda ao estrado técnico

Electrical Installation

  • Differential Frame


  • Width – 20m | 25m | 30m | 35m | 40m.
  • Length – 5m em 5m (unlimited)
  • Height – Foot: 4m; Variable center with width.


  • Top covers and sidewalls in white (opaque or translucent) and/or transparent PVC canvas;
  • M2-rated screens, fire, and wind resistance according to CE standard.

By choosing our sports and multipurpose tents, you are investing in versatile and functional spaces for sports practice and various events. Take advantage of the benefits and adaptability of these structures, providing a suitable and safe environment for sports activities. Contact us today for more information about our sports and multipurpose tents for businesses, and discover how we can help you create the perfect space for your needs.