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Platforms for Businesses

Discover the specifications and available sizes of platforms for businesses, as well as the advantages of their use.

Platforms are essential elements that complement and provide stability to structures used in various contexts. Whether for tents, stages, or other temporary structures, platforms play a fundamental role in creating a solid and secure foundation.


Advantages of Platforms for Business Structures


One of the main advantages of platforms is their ability to level and stabilize the ground where the structures will be installed. They are designed to adapt to different surfaces, whether irregular, sloped, or obstructed. Platforms allow structures to be installed in less accessible locations, ensuring quick and efficient assembly.

In addition to providing stability, platforms also offer additional benefits, such as thermal and acoustic insulation. They help protect the interior of the structures from heat or cold transfer from the ground, maintaining a more pleasant and comfortable temperature. Additionally, platforms reduce sound impact, providing a quieter environment for events or activities that require concentration.

Another advantage of platforms is their durability and resistance. They are made from high-quality materials capable of supporting the weight of the structures and withstanding adverse weather conditions. This ensures the safety of occupants and the longevity of the structures.

Estrado para tendas e eventos
Estrado para tendas e eventos
Tenda com estrado autonivelante para evento
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Available Sizes and Specifications



  • Anodized Aluminum Profile


  • Carpet in a color of your choice (subject to stock availability)
  • Linoleum
  • Sheet Metal or Non-slip


  • Anti-slip birch chipboard
  • Glass


  • Variable in multiples of 1.25m


  • Variable in multiples of 1.25m


  • Height-adjustable feet in multiples of 0.2m

Platforms play a crucial role in the stability and safety of temporary structures. By choosing to complement your tent or temporary structure with a platform, you are ensuring a solid and levelled base for the assembly of the structures, along with additional benefits such as thermal and acoustic insulation. Contact us for more information about our platforms and discover how we can help you ensure the stability of your structures in any context.