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J&D Wedding

J&D Wedding

Parada de Tibães, Braga, 2022


Technical specifications:

  • Multistandard Tent 20m x 42,5m (850m2) with transparent covers and sidewalls.
    • Porch (20m x 5m) with fabric cover;
    • Self-leveling platform covered with carpet;
    • Front staircase;
    • Dance floor with floating floor.
  • Multistandard Tent 10m x 15m with black covers and sidewalls
    • Linoleum-coated self-leveling platform.
  • Tunnel connecting the main tent to the WC covered in fabric and set on a self-leveling platform.
  • Conical Tent 3m x 3m for catering people;
  • Stage;
  • Lighting;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Air conditioner.
Rental Tents for Events
Rental Tents for Events

Conical Tents, Multistandard Tents, Platforms